WITHit Lifetime Product Guarantee

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The WITHit Lifetime Product Guarantee

If your WITHit product malfunctions due to an issue with the materials or workmanship during the lifetime of the product, we will replace the product free of charge. Simple as that. Our goal is to treat you right.

*Yes, there is a little fine print

Hey, our lawyers made us write this. We’ve got you covered but we do have a few simple conditions. Our Lifetime Guarantee is not meant to cover ordinary wear and tear of the product, only defects or flaws with workmanship or materials. This means that coverage lasts for the ordinary expected use and lifetime of the components and materials in the product. The following conditions may limit coverage:

  • Products damaged by misuse, negligence, or improper care
  • Repetitive abuse of our guarantee
  • Registration is not required, but it does allow us to provide you with better customer service
  • The guarantee is always limited to the maximum value of a replacement of the product of the same or similar product of equal value and does not cover the repair, refund, or replacement of any other property, including but not limited to any electronic devices or other personal property that may be used together with the product

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