French Bull

Jackie Shapiro is a vividist. She was born to spruce up the place. She never met a blank surface she didn’t like. She sees them as opportunities, as designs waiting to happen. A pluralist muralist, she eyes lazy susans and duvet covers as objects in need of her art. A gleeful graffitist, she hears serving trays and bedroom slippers crying out for a tag. 

Jackie is a high priestess of prints. A poet of pattern. An artist with a prankster soul. An obsessive doodler determined to redraw the world, she’s a rebel with a commercial cause. To shake things up. To caffeinate coffee pots. To electrify toasters. To spice up crock pots. To trick up the picnic.

Jackie is a prolific perfectionist, banging out originals with the ease and speed of copies — each paisley, stripe and swirl as individual as a snow flake. Every color choice a bold decisive statement, a stroke of creative genius. She’s post-modern, pro-party and anti-elitist. She’s a fabulous Fabulist. 

Jackie is the vessel. French Bull is the vehicle. She’s the engine that drives the company. The spark that ignites the fire. FB offers the verve, vivacity and va-va-voom of JS in the form of everyday items for kitchens, bedrooms, work spaces and play places. She has her brushes in a lot of pots — with more in the works. She also wears a lot of hats: CEO, BFF, mother of fierce offspring, better-half to designer/musician/partner husband, co-feeder of Dash the loyal house bulldog. She makes her home in Connecticut, works out of a design studio in Manhattan and sees the planet as her playpen.

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