Titanium Band for Apple Watch®

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Find Your Apple Watch Size: Bands

There are two easy ways to determine the case size of your Apple Watch.

1. On the back of the Apple Watch:

2. On your Apple iPhone. In the Apple Watch app, select "All Watches" in the top left corner:

There are 2 sizes of WITHit bands that work for the 7 case sizes of Apple Watches:

Color: Titanium
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Lightweight Strength with Customizable Fit

Crafted from grade 2 titanium, it boasts remarkable strength, surpassing stainless steel by 30% while being 45% lighter, ensuring both durability and comfort. Additionally, its easily removable links require no tools, facilitating a tailored and hassle-free fit for every wearer.

Durable, Scratch-Resistant Carbon Coating

The Titanium Band features a diamond-like carbon coating, enhancing its daily corrosion resistance and durability while boasting water-resistant properties for added versatility and reliability.